YouTube Chanel 12 Million Backlinks And 12 Million Embeds Of 10 Latest Videos

Service Details

We will create and publish 12 Million web pages, each on different domain or subdomain. Each of 12 million created web pages will
have backlink to your YouTube channel, plus on each page we will embed 10 latest videos from your YouTube channel, and each of this 10 videos will be backlinked from each of 12 million pages.


  • 12 Million Backlinks For Your YouTube Channel
  • 12 Million Backlinks For 10 Latest Published Videos On Your Channel
  • 12 Million Embeds of 10 Latest Published Videos On Your Channel

This is more then your channel and videos promotion! This is SEO MEGA PACK to boost ranking of your YouTube channel and video too, on YouTube search pages and on search engines like Google, Bing etc… Organic, white hat option to boost your views, view-time and all your channel and videos need, in long run.

For this service we only need URL address of your YouTube channel. You can buy multiple services if you need for more then one channel.


Deliver within 5 Days

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